Personal Training

Nathans one 2 one personal training is a great and effective way to achieve your goals, whether your new to training, an advanced trainer that needs the extra push or someone lacking motivation. Workouts are composed to suit the individual’s abilities and goals. Using Nathans unique and highly effective style of correct techniques and up to date knowledge of training, each session will be an education about strength training and cardio. Your workouts will be fun, challenging and full...

Customized Nutrition

What ever your goal, whether you are trying to lose fat, increase muscle, improve a medical condition, improve your performance in your chosen sport or for general health and well being, whatever your goal Probodeez is here to help. Each nutritional plan is designed individually depending on the client’s goals and lifestyle. We will review your current eating habits and improve your own knowledge in order to chose healthier food options and more practical supplementation choices, improve well being...

About the “Wizard”

Nathan’s passion for nutrition and training fist started when he fell in love with cycling after watching the Tour de France, At the age of ten he entered his first competitive cycle race around the old motor car racing tracks of the famous Crystal Palace Park, South East London, UK. At the age of 11 he thought his cycling career was over, having been diagnosed with type 1diabetes, devastated and hurt and not really understanding anything about diabetes apart...

Advanced Personal Training & Nutrition in London

Nathan Harman’s Probodeez has been set up for the everyday individual to elite athlete to achieve success in health, life, work and their chosen sporting activity.

Nathan is one of world leading fat loss and muscle tone specialist, advanced personal trainers and Nutritional advisers. He has been trained to the highest standard along with his own experiences and sporting background has put him in an excellent position to train, understand, advise, motivate and relate to his client’s needs as they go on their life changing experiences.

Choosing your trainer is an important decision! Once you have decided to improve your fitness level and physical health, the person you take direction and motivation from is an important part of success. Nathan will push you past your comfort level, using safe effective techniques and training principles. Every lesson will be an education about strength training, cardio and detailed information on nutrition; all three are a fundamental part of success. Your workouts will be fun, challenging and full of guidance, but most importantly each lesson will be one step closer to achieving success!
So whatever your background, future intentions, goals and aims, whether it be fat loss, muscle gain, sports specific training or just to enjoy optimum health and fitness don’t hesitate to get in contact with Nathan.