About the “Wizard”

Nathan’s passion for nutrition and training fist started when he fell in love with cycling after watching the Tour de France, At the age of ten he entered his first competitive cycle race around the old motor car racing tracks of the famous Crystal Palace Park, South East London, UK. At the age of 11 he thought his cycling career was over, having been diagnosed with type 1diabetes, devastated and hurt and not really understanding anything about diabetes apart from the fact he would have to inject myself with insulin for the rest of my life. It was here that he first started looking a lot closer into his diet, so we have his diabetes to thank for my career move. At the age of 15 he became National Cycling champion and also won a bronze medal in the same year and asked to represent Great Britain cycling team. There had been many highs and many lows but no one should ever think that if they are diagnosed with Diabetes that they can’t become a successful athlete, Nathan’s proof and there are many more great Diabetic athletes around including bodybuilders/weigh trainers.

At the age of 23 Nathan returned from racing in France, he had always had an interest in the gym and used it for sports specific training for cycling and of course the interest in nutrition had always been key whilst on his bike. He knew this was the industry for him and decided it was time to increase his own knowledge of the human body. His study’s included Anatomy and Physiology, Exercise techniques, Training programs, Nutrition, Supplementation, Special populations, medical issues and much more.

He first started working as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Adviser in central London but his outstanding client results has lead him into working with many top athletes, including professional Mixed Martial Arts fighters, Cyclists, Models, Bodybuilders, Figure competitors, Bikini athletes, etc. He is now amongst one of the elite contest prep coaches and fat loss specialist in the world and author in Beef magazine.
In 2010 Nathan was named “Wizard” by his client professional Bodybuilder Shaun Joseph-Tavernier. Rookie of the year 2010, Shaun is one of the best 202lb bodybuilders in the world.

The knowledge Nathan has from his advances studies of the human body allows him to deal with all body types and ages and create a plan that will achieve the client’s goals. So whatever your background, future intentions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Nathan.
All photos on the site are clients of Nathan’s.